The Benefits Of Term Life Insurance

benefits of term life insurance

Key Takeaways: Term life insurance gives you financial coverage for a set period of time, so your family will be provided for if anything happens to you! There are many benefits of term life insurance, including that it’s affordable, flexible, simple, great for young families, and has a guaranteed cost.  Not all term life insurance […]

What Is Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance?

a car accident in the middle of the road

When thinking about insurance, people are more likely to think about life insurance than accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. But it’s important coverage because accidents happen, even if you’re careful. AD&D pays a benefit if you have an accident that results in loss of life, limb, hearing or sight. AD&D only covers certain deaths […]

Sproutt Life Insurance Review 2022

shopping for life insurance with Sproutt life insurance online

Choosing life insurance that matches your budget and needs isn’t always a simple decision. If you’ve been shopping around for life insurance, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the no medical exam life insurance plans offered by Sproutt.  Sproutt life insurance offers a one-stop shop to get life insurance without taking a medical exam. […]

A Guide to Finding Affordable Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

a doctor performing a medical exam on a life insurance policy underwriting patient

No medical life insurance can allow you to apply for and get a policy without undergoing a routine medical exam. It might seem like the best fit for you, until you see your quote. In many cases, the convenience of a no exam policy can be costly if you aren’t careful.  Here’s what you need […]

Do I Need Life Insurance? The Ultimate Guide to Help You Decide

mom dad and little girls playing together

Buying life insurance might be one of those things you just never got around to doing. You had many other things going on in your life, such as raising kids and preparing for retirement. Now, you may wonder, “Do I need life insurance?”  It’s a good question because not everyone needs a policy. But you […]

Bestow vs. Everyday Life Insurance: Compare Online Life Insurance

woman shopping online for life insurance with Bestow and Everyday Life Insurance

Choosing a life insurance company can be overwhelming and incomprehensible. You’ll likely hear from various sources what to do during your search — and some of the advice is contradictory.  Whether you’re just starting your life insurance shopping journey or somewhere in the middle, too many options can leave you asking questions like, What kind […]

What is No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

busy mom shopping for no medical life insurance

What is “no medical exam” life insurance? If you’re in the market for life insurance, you’ve likely encountered this term. What does it mean? But there’s a lot of misconception out there. To start, “no medical exam” policies aren’t a type of policy at all. Several life insurance policies don’t require a health exam, even […]

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

african american man using a calculator to determine how much life insurance he needs

Figuring out how much life insurance you need can feel impossible. You want enough so your loved ones don’t have to worry, but you also want to keep costs down. Part of the calculation hinges on your lifestyle, goals, circumstances and family situation, so it’s different for everyone.  Luckily, it’s easier than you think to […]

7 Reasons You (Think You) Don’t Need Life Insurance

young single women have a night out with food and drinks

Premature death can leave a lasting impact whether you’re married, single, young or don’t have time to shop for a policy. Before you decide you don’t need coverage, take a moment to reconsider the reasons you don’t need life insurance.  Table of Contents 1. You’re Single You might think being single is one reason you […]

Can You Buy Life Insurance for Someone Else?

A large gathering of close friends and family

You already know that life insurance coverage can be an excellent way to protect your family’s future, but it could also make sense to insure someone other than yourself. But, can you buy life insurance for someone else? You can get life insurance on someone else, but you can’t take out a policy on just […]

Everyday Life’s Machine Learning Busting Down Massive Barriers in Life Insurance

Everyday Life revealing the life insurance approval process through artificial intelligence and machine learning

Life insurance is a complex topic. Besides the many products available, underwriting is a virtual black box. You provide lots of deeply personal information during the application process but have no idea how it’s actually being used. Even the most experienced agents don’t fully understand how companies underwrite applicants.  Dipali’s Take Machine learning in life […]