How everyday life saves you money.

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We are on a mission to make prudent protection affordable for every budget and have invested our decades of insurance experience and technology leadership into building a solution that does just that. Bottom line – our solutions are the most cost-effective on the market. Here’s why:

  • We don’t oversell you
  • We do the math better in assessing your needs
  • Our technology uses policy laddering/stacking to make sure you never overpay for coverage you don’t need
  • We selected the right underwriting partner: A-rated + cost leadership
  • Personalized expert service without having to pay a financial planner

Let us explain:

We don’t oversell you

Our goal is to match you with the best coverage for your situation and your insurance needs. Some agents may try to upsell you into a policy that is more insurance than you need, with policy features that aren’t a fit for your situation. 

We feel that life insurance should provide a death benefit to protect those who depend on you. While there is certainly a place for more complex forms of life insurance in some cases, most of us simply don’t need all of the additional bells and whistles that come with these polices, and that drive up the cost. 

Term insurance generally runs about one-tenth the cost of a permanent life insurance policy. While everyone’s coverage needs are personal and unique, a term policy will likely meet the coverage needs of most people and save them a lot of money compared to buying permanent insurance. 

We do the math better

Typical agents and other online tools use an overly simplistic approach that often tends to recommend more coverage than you really need. Our algorithm removes the guesswork and takes your entire situation into account. We are like Goldilocks, we think your like insurance amount should not be too much, not too little, but just the right amount of coverage for your unique needs.

Our data gathering process is quick and simple, but also thorough. We run this information though our algorithm that includes a comparison to the population data from the Census Bureau and IRS, among other sources, to produce a personalized price quote that includes a comprehensive coverage plan for your needs.

Policy laddering for your changing life

Policy laddering – also known as policy stacking – adjusts your coverage as your needs evolve. Unlike many of our competitors, we recognize that your life insurance needs will change over time. Our unique policy laddering process, powered by our proprietary technology, recognizes this fact. We can forecast how your needs are likely to evolve over time as your kids grow up, you build wealth and retirement nears. 

We develop a life insurance plan around your evolving life situation. This approach can save you 25% right off the bat and 50% or more over time. Why pay for more life insurance than you might need at various stages of your life?

The right partner

Beyond this, we’ve partnered with a low cost partner, Legal & General. Their rates come in #1 68% of the time and in the top 3 – 85% of the time compared with other national term life providers. Low cost is great and Legal & General is one of the world’s largest and financially sound life insurance companies.

Working through our platform saves you money over their normally low rates because they don’t have to spend money prospecting for your business. Low cost coverage from a financially strong company is a hard combination to beat.

Personalization pays

Until now, the only way to get this kind of personalized coverage analysis was to hire a financial planner to assess your needs, design a plan and research your options. That could cost $1,000 or more and take weeks. Working with us to design your personal coverage plan is free and our technology gets it done in seconds! 

See for yourself

Click here to get started on the path to obtain the life insurance coverage you need at a price that will surprise you.

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