Everyday Life’s Machine Learning Busting Down Massive Barriers in Life Insurance

Everyday Life revealing the life insurance approval process through artificial intelligence and machine learning

Life insurance is a complex topic. Besides the many products available, underwriting is a virtual black box. You provide lots of deeply personal information during the application process but have no idea how it’s actually being used. Even the most experienced agents don’t fully understand how companies underwrite applicants.  Dipali’s Take Machine learning in life […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Women Entrepreneurs in Technology

Dipali Trivedi

By: Dipali Trivedi | CTO & Co-Founder of Everyday Life Insurance At a recent entrepreneurship event for technology startups, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of women in the room full of founders. It reminded me of board meetings and leadership workshops during corporate life where women were underrepresented, and a woman of color […]

Founder Story: Why I Started Everyday Life

Everyday Life insurance

A couple of years ago, I left behind an accomplished and lucrative but ultimately unfulfilling career on Wall Street to pursue work that meant more to me than a big paycheck. I wanted to demonstrate to my kids a broader set of values beyond chasing the next dollar. One immediate consequence was that the incredibly […]