Customer profiles & policies.

We're Pregnant!

“We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and are expecting our first child soon. Still renting with dream to buy a house in the ‘burbs to raise our family but need to pay off $75k in student loans first. I work as an account manager at local printing company, earning $35k/year. A bit of a gym rat so in great shape but unsure what the future holds.”


“We just got married and buying a home for the first time – ‘sh*t’s getting’ real!’ I work as an accountant for a manufacturing company, earning $50k/year and stay in shape shooting hoops with my buddies from school.”

Domestic Engineer!

“I am a mom to 3 kids, holding down the home front while hubby brings home the bacon. I work my ass off but wonder sometimes if anyone notices that I’m the glue holding everything together? Always putting everyone else’s needs first, I can never find time for exercise and weight loss my doctor keeps nagging me about.”


“I feel funny saying it but I guess I’m the classic family man, married with 2 kids. My youngest is autistic and will need a lot of help his entire life. I am a successful software engineer earning $80k/year and reasonably healthy.”

Single Mom!

“I’m a stressed but happy mom. I am working 2 jobs to make ends meet (teacher’s assistant and rideshare driver) and recently moved back to parents to save money and get their help, but also to help them as they are starting to get older. I am perpetually trying to lose a little weight but did successfully quit smoking a few years ago.”

Career Mom Sandwich!

“My husband and I both work, me as a senior marketing director earning $90k/year, but I have sacrified career to raise my now teen kids and now am increasingly supporting my aging parents. I love long distance running for my ‘me time’ so am in pretty good shape.”

Family Guy!

“We’ve been married for 18 years now, raising three boys and a girl. My wife works part-time and I kick butt as a construction project manager earning $75k/year, but my real fun is coaching my kids’ baseball and basketball teams. Not as active as I used to be, I could stand to lose some weight and I take medicine for high blood pressure, which honestly is a bit of a concern, since my Dad died of heart attack when he was just slightly older than I am now. I get $50k life insurance via work but doubt it’s enough.”